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Hire a Top Ghostwriter, Editor, or Book Coach/Consultant

The better the book, the bigger the impact. Work with the world's best talent to produce a world-class product.

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Each ghostwriting, editing, or book coaching client we place with our talent will be automatically considered for a publishing deal with us.

As partners to our authors from idea to bestseller, we want our authors to have access to the world’s best minds, editors, ghostwriters, and book coaches/strategists. To do this, we spent the time building relationships with those people.

Now, in service of our bigger mission to spur the next great wave of books, we’re making those connections and people available to the public.

How does this work?

If you’re not yet an author of ours, we’ll start with a conversation, so we can get clear about your vision for your book, the topic and content, and the style of book (leadership, entrepreneurship, self-help, health, business, etc.), then we’ll help you find the right fit for your project.

If you’re already an author of ours, we’ll help you design a short pitch to send to our list of extraordinary talent, then we’ll help you find the right fit based on budget, goal, background, and expertise.

Projects We Take On 



The projects we take on vary, but all are nonfiction books. Most are authored by field-leading thinkers, business leaders, nonprofit leaders, influencers, celebrities, consultants, coaches, health and wellness gurus — basically, anyone with a great idea or moving story to share. Our books aim to change lives, build brands, leave a legacy, develop movements, or impact audiences of all sizes.


About Our Ghostwriters, Editors, and Book Coaches


Bestsellers (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Amazon)

The ghostwriters, editors, and book coaches we refer have been involved in making many New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestsellers. Creating a brilliant book is the first step to getting your book on one of these reputable lists.

Millions of Books Sold, Millions of Lives Impacted

Together, the talent we refer to is responsible for millions and millions of books sold, and thus millions and millions of lives have been touched by the work they produce with with their clients.



Celebrity Clients

Our contacts have worked with celebrity and high-profile clients on books that help shape personal and professional brands in the international market, while telling important and vital human interest stories.


Hire one of the World’s Best Ghostwriters, Editors, or
Book Coachs/

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