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We know with absolute certainty that the world’s next great wave of life-changing, world-altering books are on the way. One could be inside you. 


Learn insider tactics from New York Times Best Selling authors, global movement makers, authors who’ve sold millions of books, and influences that reach millions of lives to help you whatever stage of the writing-publishing-marketing process you're in. 


Writing and Editing a New York Times Best-Seller - Interview with David Allen

New York Times Best Selling Author and founder of the Getting Things Done Phenomena, David Allen and Ben Allen discuss Writing/Editing a New York Times Best Seller, Mastering Productivity, and Building a Global Movement

How to Stand Out on Social Media and Build a Million+ Platform Online - Interview with George Resch

Internet sensation George Resch and Ben Allen discuss How to Stand Out on Social Media and Build a Million+ Platform Online

Tonic Books Interview: Conscious Capitalism and Turning Your Book Into A Movement with Raj Sisodia

New York Times Bestselling Author and founder of the Conscious Capitalism Movement, Raj Sisodia, and Ben Allen discuss Conscious Capitalism and Turning Your Book Into a Movement


Tapping Into the Creative Process and Strategies to Finding Flow in Your Writing

Sherry Welsh will show you your own power—you’ve always had it, but it’s gotten covered up by the constraints you believe in. Sherry’s coaching creates an environment in which you can slow down and quiet the noise that comes from your situations, environments, and emotions.

Getting on the TEDx Stage and Building Your Book into a Business with Aileen Gibb

For almost two decades now, companies around the globe have trusted Aileen to uncover solutions to personal and business challenges and to inspire transformational growth in their teams, creating value-added results.

Using Humor and Public Persona to Maximize Your Message & Impact with AJ

Since entertaining viewers as a contestant on ABC’s “Expedition Impossible” in 2011 and being singled out as “What To Watch” by TV Guide magazine, AJ has turned his 15 minutes in the spotlight into a successful career as a television host and public speaker.

Tapping into Inspiration and Growing Your Community with Brandilyn Tebo

Through years of deep inner work and meditation, coaching trainings and the study of Eastern/Western transformational philosophies, she learned how amazing life can be once you let go of fear, limiting beliefs, and false identification with achievements.


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