Martinis & Menopause


Strategies, Science, & Tips That Empower Women to Beat the Hormone Groan

by Kelli Jaecks

Are you convinced menopause is making you crazy? Kelli Jaecks is here to tell you you are not alone, offer you advice on how to overcome the most common symptoms, and share some yummy drink recipes. Martinis & Menopause is for all the women out there entering a new (and exciting!) phase of their lives. Make a tasty cocktail, grab a comfy seat, and learn about what exactly is going on with your body during menopause. (Though this is published with another publisher, we’re invested in this book and have helped with the marketing, writing, and production.)


About Kelli Jaecks

Kelli is a nationally published author and speaker whose engaging, accessible presentations have delivered inspiration to audiences. Kelli is a menopause survivor who has catapulted, stumbled, laughed, and cried her way to the other side of menopause, and is no longer a hormone hostage (at least most days). Her goal is to help you live well through all the changes you’ll go through in this incredible journey of life! She hosts Martini & Menopause soirees and social events with local businesses in cities across the United States.


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