When All Boats Rise


11 Coaches on Service as the Heart of a Thriving Practice

Amazing coaches have amazing teachers, because success in the coaching profession is open to anyone willing to learn. When All Boats Rise takes this idea of apprenticeship to its core, inviting the reader to look over the shoulders of twelve field-leading coaches so anyone—whether new to the profession or a fifty-year veteran—has that chance to learn. Through their openhearted stories, practical tips, insights, reflections, explanations, and easy-to-apply tools, these authors add to the landmark concept that the best predictor of income is actionable commitment to service. What's more is that they show how taking on service as a way of being leads to many forms of prosperity, impacting life beyond the bank account. In these pages, you'll see this approach is foundational for anyone wanting to create a top-tier business, raving customers, prosperous practices, wonderful clients, and a life full of meaning and purpose. And by taking on service as a way of being, any coach has access to powerful feelings of contribution, lasting relationships, spiritual fulfillment, personal growth, profound love, purpose-driven days, and the ability to make a real difference in people's personal and professional lives. In this book, learn how the world's top coaches place this way of being at the heart of their work, and understand for yourself how service truly is the rising tide that lifts all boats.



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