The #1 Thing You Need to Take Your Idea to Best Seller: Movement…

Maybe you're just starting down the path of crafting your best seller...

Or maybe you've been trying to turn your idea into a book and movement for a long time now.

Whatever stage you're at, there is ONE crucial element you need to make your best seller a success...


Why is a team so crucial to a book’s success?

Being part of a team during the process from idea to selling a marketed book will change the game for you:

  • A team will help you get clear on your goals and hold you accountable to them.

  • A team sees your project in ways you can’t, adding insights.

  • A team brings skills and connections and faculties you don't have alone

  • A team will help you when you're stuck, offer a hand when you feel like giving up, and provide feedback to take your book from good to great.

As a mentor and coach of mine used to tell me, two heads are always better than one. 

How true for authors, who in fact need a lot more than two heads. Can someone even get a book into the world alone unless they somehow learn to edit and proofread their own work objectively, learn design for the cover and interior, sharpen their eyes for Q/A, format their files to the appropriate printing channels, and then learn to print the book, create their own channels of distribution, and then market the book themselves with no marketing partners?

It's this simple. You don’t have to do this alone!

And probably no great author has. 

Note: the list of great authors who have tried is crazy small. It would start (and probably end) with that self-publishing genius, William Blake, whose wife actually helped him with the coloring and printing process he used and besides, I'm pretty sure he wasn't out there pulping trees to make his own paper... In other words, even he had his team.) 

This is, in part, why we've created the B. C. Allen Publishing Group and Tonic Books...

We know that the world’s next great wave of life-changing books is out there, and they must be brought into the world. 

And we also know how hard it can be to do this without the right team behind those of you ready to take on a book. 

This is exactly why our partnership publishing house exists——to help first-time and established authors to go from idea to best-seller with ease and thus change the world with the dissemination of brilliant ideas. 

Not long ago, we helped a first-time author generate $45,000 in sales in his first two months, after helping him dust off, edit, and revise a very rough draft that had sat on his hard drive for years, reaching no one. 

With him, we went on to market the book to millions of readers. And we're dedicated to creating even greater outcomes for future authors, people who can totally devote themselves to making a huge difference with their book. 

To learn specifically how we did this, sign up here, and ready yourself for a free idea-to-best-seller course. 

Believing in You,
Ben Allen

B. C. Allen