The #1 Key to Impacting More People with Your Message Is...

In the Tonic Books Interview Series (posted on YouTube), you'll hear from an author who used one simple strategy to write a book that has sold more than 250,000 copies, created a global phenomenon, and provided the author with even larger royalties checks. 

Not only that, this strategy helped him write his whole book (and then some!) with very little writer's block and stress. In his account of it, the only time he got blocked was when he stopped using this strategy.

And to top this all off: this was just his first book... over a quarter million copies sold and counting. Pretty impressive stuff. 

Dr. Robert Glover, the author I'm talking about, is not the only one who claims allegiance to this simple, immediately applicable strategy. Most of the authors and movement-makers interviewed for this series suggest that this one strategy is the secret to writing books that leave a massive impact and reach the readers they're meant to serve. The interviewees swear that this strategy also unleashes an author's greatest creative potential. 

So, what is it? Though the wording and nuances change depending on the interviewee, here's the essence: 

Focus on serving one person profoundly with your writing.

Pretty cool stuff, right?

That simple thing has helped these authors and movement makers build platforms that reach millions of people, sell tons of book, and write their best material with ease. 

Let that sink in. Try it out!

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Believing in you,
Ben Allen

B. C. Allen