Voices (Digital Download)

Voices (Digital Download)


A Coaching Story to Inspire Your Future

by Aileen Gibb

VOICES is a coaching book on how the right questions illuminate choices, possibilities and pathways that you may not otherwise pay attention to in your life and work. Written as a series of connected stories, interwoven with perspectives on the future of business and leadership, one of the stories may mirror a crossroads or decision point on your own path, or one of the questions may call to be explored and answered in your own life. Simply and elegantly written, VOICES reflects the author's twenty years as an exceptional master-level coach and invites you to hear the unspoken questions which will open up your future.


About Aileen Gibb:

Aileen Gibb is a Scottish-born Canadian lover who spends time between her Scottish homeland and adopted home amid the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, with her husband and boxer dog. Aileen is known as an inspirational coach, leader, and facilitator of conversations with leaders and teams around the world. She inspires new possibilities in people from all walks of life and believes profoundly that when obstacles are met, there is "always another way". Her writing springs from her work listening to and asking questions of people to uncover new and inspired futures. With her book VOICES, Aileen succeeds in articulating profound ideas and abstract principles in a manner that is down-to-earth, approachable, and conversational. She taps into the recurring spirit and message of our times and has produced a work that reflects what many people are seeking. It is clear that her passion and calling is to promote self-leadership, healing, growth, and community, and to empower others to do the same. Readers of Eckart Tolle, Miguel Ángel Ruiz, Paulo Coehlo, Louise Hay, and James Redfield will enjoy VOICES.

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